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Rehab Guys Cressey/Robertson Help

Hi guys, lately i have been developing this kind of strange pain in my (from what i know of anotomy)… external obliques. They just feel really tight. I do stretch quite a bit, i do dynamic warmups like the parisi stuff and the stuff in the neanderthal series. As well as static stretches for the obliques, hip flexors and IT band, also just started some “traction” just hangning from a chinup bar for time. But the pain has not left.

the area that hurts seems to be halfway between the obliques and the errectors ( a bit more to the side not the back though) and about 2 inches above the hip bone at the side of the body. The tightness is especially pronounced when i do side bends with hands overhead to strethc the sides of the body. (lean 1 side without twisting torso)… and suggestions? any other info required? thanks alot beforehand.


My guess is that it is your QL…quadratus lumborum. This is a very common muscle to become tight and restrictive. Try sitting with legs spread and perform some side to side stretching as well as some figure four stretches and see if it helps. ART or some good soft tissue work if it gets worse or doesn’t resolve. Good Luck.

THanks i have not tried that stretch yet.