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Rehab for Hip & Conditioning for College Football


I am having hip surgery in the next couple months an with that im going to have 6-8 month recovery with physical therapy. I am wondering what would be the best training to do for not only recovery but to size up for College football?


You’ll be best served by doing your rehab as set out by your Physio and talking to them about when and how to start training for football.

What surgery are you going in for?


Surgery on fixing a laberal and shaving down the oversized cam. Also all of this will be arthroscopic.


I hope the surgery goes well. I’ve seen one of these done in theatre and surgeons are awesome. Make sure you follow your rehab protocol as set out by your surgeon and Physio; it might be boring as hell for you, what with you having lifted etc but it’s definitely worth the wait.


As someone who had this exact surgery done and has read everything I could about multiple high level athletes who had it done, FOCUS ON YOUR RECOVERY by listening to your PT.

Seriously, it is going to be a up and down road for you to get from day 1 post op to fully recovered.

Best thing I can think of now since you’re a couple months before the surgery is to work on dropping any bodyfat you have and getting your cardio up. General stuff that doesn’t cause pain, both HIIT and steady state with stuff that doesn’t hurt. Lift like normal.

Do not rush coming back.


When did you see yourself at “full” recovery, or able to start training again? And I’m on a diet of fish and vegtables and I’ll have protein powders for any protein I need additionally that day that I didn’t get.


I never got back to the point where I could squat or deadlift again. Upper body was 2-3 months out, lower body outside of PT stuff was probably 4ish months when I started easing myself back into it.

There would be plenty of days for the next year or so it would ache or be sore or give me random pain jolts throughout the day.


Honestly day-8 I a feeling good. I believe he was able to save the labrum and shave the bone successfully. I am not supposed to do any sort of weight bearing for a little while, but I do feel confident the surgeon went in and came out with a successful procedure. When the time comes down the road where I can ease back into lifting I am going to do lightweight w/ fascial stretching on my lifts( I am going to go back to the 5/3/1 for it’s steady and simple aspect.) I see that a lot of hockey players have this procedure done and they end up going back on the ice with little or no performance drop from the procedure.