Rehab for Hamstring Injury

I injured the outer portion of my hamstring about 6 weeks ago. Sounded like it tore a little on the eccentric of a deadlift. In any case, I backed off of DL’s and squats. After about two weeks of light lower body work and stretching, I returned to normal heavy squatting with no problem and slowly working my DL’s back.

Today I felt it “go” just a little on a stinkin light 225 deadlift. Needless to say I’m thinking that some hamstring rehab/prehab is in order.

Any suggestions for some extra prehab/rehab exercises so I can return to DL’ing all out without reinjuring this badboy?

I’m interested in this as well…

Popped my hamstring sprinting a week ago and am now reaching the point where I’ve got mobility back and fancy slowly getting back into the groove.