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Rehab for Fractured Radius


Hey guys. Wondering if you have any advice about this particular type of injury.

I injured my left forearm at a soccer game end of Feb. I went in for a tackle and the other player landed against my forearm as I was trying to brace my fall. I fractured my radius right in the middle but it wasn't displaced. The Doc just put me in a cast that went up the majority of my left bicep (To prevent me twisting my forearm). They said this cast will be on for 6 weeks.

For the past 4 weeks I have been still training at the gym (Legs and my right side) and supplementing with a bone supplement to make sure it heals properly.

Now today at the Hospital then shortened the cast down to my forearm to let my elbow move again. Besides the hilarious loss of arm size, (Bye bye bicep peak) my elbow is still limited in terms of range of motion. I cannot fully contract or extend my arm without pain and tightness. I have read that the elbow can seize up if put in a cast, and there is definitely some scar tissue there and in the forearm. I am already going to go to my physiotherapist, but I am wondering if some of the physio guys here (BBB etc) can give me some advice on how to bring some mobility back to my elbow for the time being.

Sorry for the long post. Any help is much appreciated!


I would be cautious of doing too much independent stuff now until the doctor’s have found that the bone has healed fully. The therapy you receive should address the restrictions in ROM. I think basic stuff like pain free active and passive ROM should be appropriate, but I wouldn’t force anything right now and wait for your structure, formal therapy to kick in.