Rehab for a Torn Hamstring

OK guys I need your help big time on this one. I was playing a back yard football game last sat. and tore my hamstring. It’s all bruised and I have limited ROM. Now as you all could have guessed I just missed my leg day this week and am very pissed off. I need to know some things to do to rehab this bad boy so I can get back to my squats and deadlifts ASAP. What else besides the obvious ice packs should I do. ie. stretching? light leg curls? Your advice is greatly appreciated and needed. Thanks guys.

Have you gone to the doctor yet?

I, too, have experienced the infamous “torn” hamstring situation, although mine was brought on by (attempting) to water ski. My orthopedic sports doctor recommended the normal recuperative therapies (i.e. Rest Ice Compression Elevation - RICE). Additionally, and this seemed to accelerate my recovery, he highly suggested that I begin to perform three sets of walking lunges with a LIGHT weight (25lb dumbells). Besides stretching the entire thigh, at first I got as winded as an emphysema patient running a marathon. As I recovered I continued to perform three sets of these exercises at the end of each leg workout and have noticed a marked increase of definition in the entire thigh as well as improved flexibility and hamstring development. Just to be safe, it would be prudent to see a medical professional to ensure that you didn’t incur a more serious injury that could be fruther aggravated by exercise. Best of luck!