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Rehab Exercises to Fix Sharp Pain in My Chest During Dips?

So I used to be able to do weighted dips regularly (130lbx3-5) and now even trying to do bodyweight dips, as soon as I go down into the dip, I get this sharp and extremely painful sharp pain in the middle of my chest. My chest doesn’t feel this way on any other exercise. I’m still able to bench heavy (315x8-10) for reps with zero pain and do a cubic shit ton of pushups.

It all started when I didn’t have access to any gym equipment on deployment so all I did were pushups, pullups, pistol squats, some core work and sprints… When I came back home, I couldn’t do dips for shit. So has anyone else dealt with this? And if so how did you fix it? Weighted dips used to be my favorite exercise for chest/triceps but now I feel genuinely fucked.

I wish I could goto the doctor, but I’m not entirely sure the guys on base have any idea of what to do other than to give me ibuprofen. I broke my ankle a few years ago in SFAS and got little to nothing in terms of treatment so my experience with military docs aren’t the best.