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Rehab Achilles Rupture

Hi guys,

I ruptured my achilles tendon two weeks ago. I have had it surgically repaired with stitches and “anchored” in a hole drilled in my heel bone (calcaneus).

Apparently the rehab protocol here in the Netherlands is pretty aggressive compared to the US. I have read that in the US it is typical to be in a cast for 3-6 weeks, then a walking brace is used with careful progression to 90 degree dorsiflexion and weight bearing.

I on the other hand got the cast removed after 1 week. It got replaced by tape and a heel increase in my shoe. It was then already allowed to put weight on that foot! I did it extremely cautious but it was fine. The 3rd week just started and I can walk really slow with one crutch. It all goes fast but it is ok for the moment.

However I have a few questions I hope you guys can help me with:

  • My calf is extremely soft and weak, because I can only walk on my heel with no rolling off. How can I best bring that muscle up to speed when I am allowed to exercise it again?

  • After 3 weeks the tape comes off and my bad foot and leg will be weak as hell. As will probably my whole body. What progression can I use best to slowly get back up to strength?

Physiotherapists here will prescribe massage and calf raises and tell me I should go for a run when I feel like I am able to which is not very encouraging to me. Thanks in advance guys!