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Regulations for Drug Testing


so the boxing threads got me interested in reading about some of the fighters (Manny, mainly) and i saw that in his fight contract, he was negotiating the drug test prior to the fight with Mayweather? is there a post fight test as well, or no?

how 'bout boxing, MMA, and NCAA in general?

for whatever reason, i thought the drug tests were around the pre-fight physcials, but apparently i'm a little ignorant about the whole thing.....

side note: i know quite about AAS/PED's (or i like to think that i do), and there isn't a whole lot that Manny could take 14 days prior to a fight that would have a really substantial effect on him, except for maybe EPO or test suspension....or is there something else a lot of boxers do? i've heard of lidocaine on the hands, i guess...


Good luck injecting lidocaine into the hands of someone while an official is in the room.

Drug testing in boxing isn't very thorough, it's a post-fight urinalysis. In some states it can even be postponed until well after the fight. Floyd Mayweather wanted Olympic style testing which is random blood and urine tests that can run up to the day of the fight.


i'd only heard something mention about lidocaine in the hands...i can't see that being a worthwhile thing, unless the fighter is injured and still has a decent chance of KO.....

i guess i really overestimated the consistency of the drug testing.....


NCAA has a full on list or programs on their website-

its complicated - full on seasonal, summer & off season tests
they have champion testing- for high profile sports and athletes

its a big big deal- colleges loose funding , seeding, its very bad to look dirty

when I did it we did one urine sample they had not evolved to two samples yet.
litmus test which is for hydration.
this was maybe 2x a month and sometimes weekly.

If you are at a big college def weekly during season.
no hormonal tests yet.

some bigger tourneys I did had a post bout urine sample.

for wrestling they are really looking for diuretics and recovery aids or recreational drug use

diuretics I knew about- other stuff I was too naive to think about that kind of stuff.
however I did know that you could buy urine frozen in small bladders
that you hid up your ass.

and that some cold medicines or other prescriptions
could cause false positives.

and people taking real shit could use these diuretics or cold medicine or what ever
to 'mask' what they really tested for.


You'd have no feeling in your hands, that would be the only advantage. You'd have to inject it before you got in your dressing room though, at least before the official arrived. Depending on the length of the undercard fights, wrapping of you and your opponents hands, and ring entrances it could be pretty pointless to even do it.

I think most began to overestimate the effectiveness of drug testing in boxing when the Mayweather/Pacquiao negotiations turned to testing. It really isn't very effective, you know the time you'll be tested[in your dressing room after your fight] and date you'll be tested[after your fight]. There's no drug testing before the post-fight urinalysis, only medical exams. I believe the blood tests during the medical exams are only checking for diseases too, such as HIV and things of that nature.


interesting article about Sonnen's drug test: http://www.cagesideseats.com/2010/11/17/1820174/nsac-rebuts-sonnens-claims-of-approved-testosterone-use

apparently you can be on TRT and still be a pro fighter, which surprised the shit out of me....