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Regulating volume and RPE


Instead of doing FSL,SSL,BBB etc. What are your thoughts on dropping down 5-10% of the top set and pushing until reaching RPE of that top set and calling it quits for volume? Or 5-20%? Seems like an easy auto-regulated fix for volume other than randomly saying i’m shooting for hypertrophy, strength or whatever ie. 5x10, 4x8, 5x5, 3x3, etc,.


Also, have you tried the SlingShot or any overload period with 95%, TM or 1rm and what were the results?


I haven’t tried it. You are welcome to.


Hey dude, I personally have a slingshot, but 95% of normal bench tm is pretty light in a slingshot, which can usually give you about 10% over your true 1RM. For instance my slingshot 1RM (last I did) was 140kg, my bench 1RM is 130 so if TM was up to 125kg after a couple cycles, 95% of that is only going to be 115 and I can probably get 10+ reps with that on a slingshot if I’m relatively fresh.

What I’ve tried is doing a your 95% set, then resting and doing a Last set Last with the slingshot which worked okay.
You could also look at finding your slingshot 1RM and doing a couple cycles with that as your bench press movement instead of standard bench if you’re really keen to use one?
Its also really good to use if your shoulders are feeling dinged up

hope this helps at all


Thanks for the insight. My idea was getting a little volume w/ the 95% weight I will be pressing in week 3, and overloading in week 2 and 3 w/ TM and 95% of 1rm respectively. I’ve had it laying around and dicked with it here and there, but never really tried to program it in and track progress with it. I’m in week 3 trying it out for a few cycles. Hopefully it gets my bench travelling north again.