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Regular vs Maximum Strength HOT-ROX

Okay, before anyone starts posting links, I’ve already read that regular HOT-ROX is for normal athletes, while maximum strength HR is for the T-Nation extreme athlete…I’ve tried the MS version before and was extremely impressed but I’m in Canada however, and have ready access to the regular type.

I was curious if any of the athletes here or even any of the T-Nation authors have compared the two versions head-to-head by testing their effects on their bodies, and how much was the difference in fat loss, etc…

Thank you in advance,

Whered’ya get the regular type?

Something to think about. . .

When the regular HOT-ROX came out a few years ago, it worked very well.

So if it’s easier to get for you, and you want to go that route, I wouldn’t worry about it. You’re still taking an exceptional product.

teedog, I’ve seen regular HOT-ROX available at places like GNC and the like.

i also use the regular HOT-ROX. get them at wal-mart, where else?

I believe that Maximum Strength HOT-ROX is a better value than regular HOT-ROX when purchased through T-Nation.