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Regular vs Max Strength HOT-ROX


How dramatic is the difference between regular HOT-ROX and the maximum strenght HOT-ROX.

Also, I planned on taking HOT-ROX when I would be walking up and down mountains with little food and sleep for days at a time. I planned on using them to maximize fat loss with minimal muscle loss. Think it will help?


Why are you limiting calories when climbing up and down mountains?
Do you know that a mountain climber consumes 3-4 times their daily intake of calories when climbing and still drop high percentages of weight? Potato chips are their friend! But make sure you get pringles not the bagged kind. Beef jerky and lots of nuts.

To answer your question. That is the premise behind the product. But, extensive physical exercise combined with a reduction of calories will result in a weight loss and some/most of that will come from muscle as a result of the bodies natural mechanisms.


I agree with Big Foot...

You will be wasting your money on HOT-ROX when mountain climbing alone is all the thermogenic support you'll need.

On any other day I would go Maximum Strength all the way.


I think that there is very little difference between regular and max. I have never been able to see any difference.

Secondly, HOT-ROX is one of the best product at helping preserve muscle even when in drastic dieting.

I have done very low cal. dieting with high energy expenditures. I seem to loose very little muscle when on HOT-ROX.


It's not by choice. I am limited by military constraints.

On a normal patrol I might get four hours of sleep a night and eat a small breakfast, some crappy snacks for lunch, and a full MRE for dinner. And MRE's don't have the amazing number of calories that everyone claims. They started putting the nutritional info on them years ago.

I might still give HOT-ROX a chance if they might even save the smallest amount of muscle.