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Regular Use of Power Drive



You mentioned being judicious with caffeine and tyrosine usage and avoiding an over-reliance on them.

Even though Power Drive contains tyrosine, do you see any problem with using this on a regular basis after any type of activity that stresses the CNS heavily? Using Power Drive has been great after heavy lifting sessions, high volume sessions, as well as intervals and sprint training. I've even found myself using it on off days during particularly demanding training cycles.

So I was just wondering if there are times when its use should be scaled back or if it remains perfectly safe and effective over time.


I have the same questions as well...

Is it a good idea to use L-tyrosine on a regular basis?


Although one of my favorite product, I like to use it only when the most benefits will be possible.

I like to use Power Drive AFTER a workout that caused too much CNS fatigue. Power Drive helps the CNS recover.

Normally I manage CNS fatigue pretty well, but on occasion I go overboard and really need it to avoid wanting to kill everybody for two days.


Is Power Drive an acceptable alternative until Anaconda is available? If so, where would you add it in the para-workout spectrum?


It's not even remotely doing the same thing.



i have football practice 4 days a week, and i feel like shit and brain dead after running my ass off and going over numerous plays...is it ok to take Power Drive on all 4 days? also do you think Power Drive can make that much a difference in my recovery for the next day?


Sorry, I should have been more specific - I was strictly thinking of the CNS support and recovery that Power Drive provides. I was under the impression that anaconda has that property along with the CHY and other ingredients...