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Regular TRT Bloodwork - Fasted or Not?


This is a post more about comfort and convenience rather than any basic necessity…

I’ve been on TRT for a couple years. I need bi-annual bloodwork so my Dr. can tick all the boxes. My protocol has been the same for more than 2 years.

Anyway, I need to eat in the morning. I can’t function otherwise. With the COVID situation, my lab has us waiting for more than an hour sometimes, even before we get our jabs and they send us off. By then I’m absolutely ravenous and it sucks.

Bottom line, do I REALLY need to be fasted for just a CBC and Total T lab work? (Not talking about any other tests, just those two)

Always fast for these blood tests because SHBG levels are affected by what you eat, so to eliminate all variables and to get the most consistent labs results as possible every time you draw labs, it’s a good idea to fast for blood tests.

You’re probably wondering how SHBG levels affect TT, but as SHBG levels increase the balance between TT and FT change.

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No, you do not.

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I did it, in the end… I didn’t like it, at all … but at least the labs showed up as they normally would.

I figured that the T levels would stay the same regardless if I ate or not because of the injections, but I didn’t think about SHBG, as @systemlord suggested. I wonder how much, if at all, it would vary from a fasted test.