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Regular Rep Speed Recommendation?

Dr Darden,
firstly I would like to wish you and your family a Happy Christmas .
I would also like to ask the following question.
In light of all that you have learnt in recent years about the potential of negative reps , has it made you rethink your recommendations in regards the cadence of standard/regular reps ?
If so it would be interesting to hear your thoughts/opinions.


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No, my regular rep recommendations have not changed. I just apply more and more negative-accentuated styles into my regular training.


Negative it is for example in the “difficult” phase of a exercises ?

Dr.Darden have you noticed that some people have a signature time under load. For example with negative only chins.

The one time down 60 second version I can make the sixty seconds If I hold for 10 seonds at the top or eye level with the bar. Then continue without any holds alway the way.down.

If I just lower without any holds my time is around 45-50 seconds.

Now if I do 8-10 second negative chins I get 5 reps. With body weight it’s 5 reps. Today I strapped on a 40 pound dumbbell. Same thing 5 reps. Either way I try a 6th reps but drop fairly fast that I don’t count it.

Yes, with some people I have noticed the same situation. I believe it probably has to do with having more fast-twitch muscle fibers in the involved muscles.

Thank you Dr.Darden. .