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Regular Omega-3 vs. 3-6-9


I am currently taking in 6 grams of regular Omega-3 acids a day. The label says nothing about omega 6 or 9, like some other brands do. Is it more beneficial to take a supplement that provides all 3,6,9 in one capsule?


Personally, I think omega-3s are important to supplement and the others are not.

The (main) point of supplementing omega-3s is to reduce inflammation.

Inflammation, according to recent research, is increased by having too many omega-6 FAs proportionate to omega-3s which elevates the level of inflammatory eicosanoids (eicosanoids are a hormone). The typical diet of a US resident has too many omega-6 acids and not enough omega-3s.

So basically, I think the 3-6-9 supplements are bullshit and are too expensive.


Omega 6 make up the bulk of polyunsaturated fats in foods. You already get plenty of Omega 6. Heck you probably get 2,3 maybe 10 times the omega 6 that you need. Without fish oils, you definitely DON'T get enough omega 3s. Now omega 9's aren't essential but they are beneficial and have good health-promoting qualities. Omega 9s are the monounsaturated fats found in olive oil. These are beneficial but not essential.

I'd supplement heavily with omega 3's, AVOID omega 6's and get omega 9's from food (olive oil and nuts such as almonds, walnuts or cashews).


Just reference him to Shugart's article instead of paraphrasing the whole damn thing


Yeah conwict, quit helping people ya jerk.


Thanks for the replies.

I skimmed over Shugart's article, but I didn't see where it discussed regular omega-3 supplementation vs. full-spectrum (3,6,9) supps. At the end he plugged the Biotest brand that has all 3,6,9 (if I read correctly).


You didn't read the article correctly.


Great idea, too bad I have no idea where Shugart's article is and have never read it :wink: