Regular HSS-100 vs Specialized Ones?

Hi, I’m planning next longer bulking phase, at last 4 months and I came across HSS-100, looks quite simple, intensive and promising.
I also found specialized variations(and “Your Ticket to the Gun Show!” program) and experiments about them on polish sports MB sfd with pretty amazing results.

Now I am wondering, what will be better for my purpose - to gain both some mass and strength:
-Doing regular HSS-100 with all the phases mentioned in article(accumulation, intensification etc.)
-Doing specialized programs for arms, shoulders and back in a row - meanwhile for the other parts of my body I would do something like wave loading 5/3/1/5/3/1
-Something tottaly different?

Some info about me:
age: 22
I train +/- 2.5 years
Weight: 86kg (about 190lbs)
Height: 180cm (5.9ft)
Bf: about 12%

Thanks! :slight_smile: