Regrets on Focusing Too Much on Working Out?

I only regret that I have was that I stepped away from it for awhile.

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There were times my workout stretched into the hour 30, hour 45min range . I’ve toned that down significantly where most of my workouts will be an hour ,hour 15 max.

But yes the whole process is at least 2 hours of the day.


I’ve never heard of someone deliberately showering before going for a workout. If you’re walking to the gym, it’s redundant to also do a cardio warm-up at the gym. If you’re walking home from the gym, there’s your physical/mental unwinding time.

Really? If I could shower before the gym every time I would. I think this is just a habit I formed in my early days of travel team sports. I’d shower before heading out for game time because we’d have to go dressed ‘professionally’.

Yeah, I listed those things but not meant them as redundancies. If you’re walking to the gym then obviously you don’t need to warmup on a treadmill.

Agreed. Typically I am done in the gym in 45 minutes or under. I still get results.


I only tried to mix the two once, the police were called and my gym membership cancelled.

Then run your plan through the Pareto filter and figure out needs vs. wants. A ton of articles explain how to pare down non-essentials and get back time. This is one and this is another. If, gun to your dog’s head, you had to leave the gym 60-75 minutes after stepping foot inside, what changes would you make to your weekly plan.

I knew a kid in high school who said he showered before school, as soon as he got home from school, and before bed. Every day. That’s either OCD or an undiagnosed hygiene problem.

Thanks for the articles. I’ll check it out

Damn, I take a shower in the morning, before gym, and before bed.
Sometimes I take an extra shower if I took a massive crap and too lazy to wipe

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Please, tell me you go from toilet and directly to the shower.

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Yes. I wish I had a bidet


I hit the gym or do physical activity for 1 hour every day. 5 days a week I lift, 3 days I do hard conditioning, everyday I walk, and 1 day I do yoga.

No regrets at all. We are talking about using 4.16% of my day. Has no negative impact on me at all.

I don’t count calories, I don’t think about working out outside of the gym, I don’t body build or honestly train for anything. Outside of the gym I honestly NEVER think about lifting or anything unless someone asks me something.


Given OP’s other posts passionately defending incels and bashing women, he’s prolly a gymcel that needs to get out more. Correct me if I’m wrong tho.


What s the female version of gymcel, because thats me :wink:





My friend once hobbled up 2 flights of stairs with a boot because the elevator was ‘ too far’

Damn, going through your posts the pics you post kinda resemble what a gymcel would look like given that description… gut, titties, untamed beard, pathetic PRs. Anyways.

Something about glass houses

Do you take the occasional week off, or cycle your intensity so you can rejuvenate your body and your mind? The longer I train the more important these things help for me to regain enthusiasm to keep training at optimal intensity.

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Except I got a healthy training/life balance and don’t complain about women? I’d rather have the gut, titties, untamed beard, and pathetic PRs (that also happen to be state records) :lol:

You also didn’t correct me, so I guess I wasn’t wrong.


I was actually thinking the same thing the other day. And then I went to the gym anyway, and had the best session ever.

Like other have said, you would probably be spending this spare time with dick in hand or playng video games for hours. We all need an outlet and lifting has to be the best ever. Be happy that you have discovered it and are not like the others who think going to the gym is a chore.

Maybe look into trimming down your work outs? Maybe do some warming up during other parts of the day? I have found by doing this it takes a lot quicker to warm up once I’m at the gym. And stop showering before the gym. That’s ludicrous.



Yeah I do off/deload weeks every 4 to 5 weeks of a given training block.

I think my main issue is mental fatigue and the time spent before, during, and after my workouts. The whole process eats up a lot of time. Don’t know why but I feel like the days are getting shorter and I have less time to accomplish things.