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Regional Fat Storage and Hormones

Hi all. I read an article by Don Alessi on regional fat storage and hormone levels and how this translates to diet and training. Don writes how a high supra illiac skinfold means you’re carb-intolerant wheras a high subscapular skinfold means you have high testosterone levels. I just so happen to have my highest skinfold measurement in the subscapular area. and i’m pretty low on the supra illiac. What does this mean in relation to my diet, should I eat more carbs and less fat. ( berardi once wrote that some people actually can get fat on a high fat diet and stay lean on a high carb diet. I might be one of those people as I have dropped my bf% to a level lean enough for me in the past eating over 300 gr. carbs a day) or does it mean i can carb up more frequently. Furthermore I like to know what you guys prefer a CKD ala the metabolic diet or something as dr. lowery suggests eating carbs i/t morning and fats at night. Well anyays thanks for the replys.

[quote]PeteK wrote:
Don writes how a high supra illiac skinfold means you’re carb-intolerant.[/quote]

that means watch your carbs.

Also 300grams carbs means nothing depending on: the types of carbs they are, when you eat them, with what you eat them, and your overall muscle mass with hormonal response.

i go by the eat carbs during and after your workout and then the rest of the time protein fat. on non training days then you can go with carbs in the morning and then fat in the afternoon/evenings. i think that makes simple sense. laters pk