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Regimine for fat loss?

Good morning. So here it goes. I work 9 to 6 everyday. I just don’t understand how you guys do it. I have been working out for 5 years, always looking to get big. Thing is I good size with no definition. I would like to lose 10% bf. I just purchased MD6 and would like to know how to incorporate it into a regimine. I read almost all the articles, so I am not lazy. But with all this information, I feel like a kid at a candy store not knowing where to start. So, which diet and training do working people recommend?

Charles, I am a college student-athlete and I work too…you can definitely make things work, especially if your job does not have erratic hours. If you know you are working 9-6 everyday, you have a lunch break at this time, you do blank at this time, etc. you just plan around it and try and stay consistent. I have had some success recently with the T-Dawg diet in conjunction with MD6. Try and get around 6 T-Dawg meals in a day (make shakes to take to work, throw something in some tupperware for your lunch break, etc), use the MD6 (start with the minimum dosage if you have never used thermogenics before, and work your way up to whatever dosage you can handle that is within the recommended guidelines), and adopt a training program you can handle with your experience thus far. Check out what others have had to say about Meltdown…I didn’t use it when I did the T-Dawg, but others have seemed to have some success with it while cutting. Personally, I don’t think the training is going to make a HUGE difference on how quick the fat comes off as long as you are sticking to your nutrition plan. Good luck.

Read the suppliment review and the FAQ section. I just started Coach Davies “fat to fire” workout from the issue two weeks ago (go to previous issues to the left). Read all the appitite for construction articles, food that make you look good nekid, massive eating (and dont diet variation. meltdown training is an intense six week program. Diet manafesto runs down all the diets posted on t-mag. This is just a start! I work 9-5 and have an hour to an hour and a half commute each way. I also have a wife and two kids, wake up early, plan your meals, hit it hard.

I’d start off by organizing your workout days. I lift on M,T,Th, and F. Start out with a lifting schedule similar to one of Ian Kings workout. I just basically follow his regime, but do it backwards. I start off with heavy weights less exercises and more sets per exercise. Then every three to four weeks I change the routine to involve more exercises and less sets per exercise. Also as I progress I drop rest time and employ super sets, pre-exhaust techniques and sometimes drop sets to bring up the intensity. I super set chest press exercises with back rows, lats with shoulders, and biceps with triceps. I do hamstrings on their own day with deadlifts and quads on their own day with squats to concentrate on them. I also hit calves on these days. Towards the end of this cycle of fat burning you may want to increase sets per exercise and employ a two a day strategy for two or three weeks. I would definitely use an anti-catabolic supplement like surge or mag-10 during this. Any longer than two to three weeks or not using any supplementation would most likely be catabolic. I increase cardio 5 minutes every week if I’m in a hurry or 5-10 minutes every three to four weeks if I have more time. I start out with a base line of 20 minutes and go from there. I keep cardio at 20 minutes after workouts throughout the off-season to keep some level of conditioning and to make it easier to start up the real fat burning when the time comes. If you neglect cardio for 6 months 20 minutes of cardio will kick your ass. Its mostly mental, but that’s just one less obstical to conquer. Naturally, the weights will drop as you do this. Don’t let the lighter weights effect your effort. The change in pace will actually make you stronger in the long run when you go back to more basic exercises. Just remember there is no magic workout or diet. They all work to some degree as long as you stick to it. My problem used to be that I switched things too much, but as some as I learned how to do it correctly I learned that it works and it keeps things interesting. All of this may help, but the most important thing is diet. If you forget that you may aswell adopt the nickname “Biggins”.

I like to go with John Berardi’s “Don’t Diet” plan. For myself personally,the basics work like this. I wake up at 5:00 AM, have a single serving of Surge, and am at the gym by 5:30. Since I’m dieting, I like to use either Poloquin’s Manly Weight Loss program or Don Alessi’s Meltdown training (I’ve found that either one works well). I get done lifting around 6:30 and have a second serving of Surge immediately after. My next two meals after that will be completely protein and carbs with little to no fat. My last 3-4 meals of the day will be all protein and fat with minimal to no carbs. As far as MD6 goes, I take it twice per day with T2 and always before noon. The rational for working out first thing in morning while dieting is to be able to keep my carb intake to morning/early afternoon only. This is pretty simple, but I hope it helps.