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Regimen Advice

hey guys

Ive been working out using other peoples workout regimes for a while now, and ive been thinking of doing my own

i spent some time earlier today compiling the exercise’s that i feel benefit me the most (ive listed them with the muscles i work)

i was wondering what you guys would do if you split them up into a 4 day workout plan

i don’t want to work one set of muscles to hard one day and screw up my gains

cheers guys

Bench Press
Wide Grip Bench Press
Incline Bench Press
Cable Lower Chest Raise
Dumbbell Flye

Dumbbell Lateral Raise
Seated Arnold Press
Military Press
Cable Front Raise

Behind The Back Barbell Shrug
Barbell Upright Row
Barbell Shrug

Lat Pull Down
Bent Over Row
Palm Rotational Row

Standing Barbell Curl
Close Grip Standing Barbell Curl
Wide Grip Standing Barbell Curl
Cable Drag Curl

Cable Tricep Extension (Rope)
Reverse Grip Cable Tricep Extension (Bar)
Close Grip Bench Press

Weight Plate Pinches
Seated Dumbbell Wrist Curl
Seated Reverse Dumbbell Wrist Curl
Seated Neutral Dumbbell Wrist Curl


Standing Cable Hamstring Curl
Stiff Leg Deadlift

Cable Hip Adduction
Leg Extension

Smith Machine Calf Raise
Smith Machine Toe Raise

Seated Barbell Twist
Abdominal Air Bike
Barbell Side Bends
Sit Ups

The word you are looking for is “regimen”.

yes i understand i misspelt regime but im actually looking for advice, not comments that have nothing to do with the routine

Why not just start with something simple and adjust if necessary? You won’t screw anything up. A very generic 4-day split might be something like:

  1. Chest
  2. Back
  3. Legs
  4. Arms/Shoulders

Or split up leg days and have two of them. There’s no real best way - you just have to try it out and experiment. I promise you won’t “work one set of muscles to hard one day and screw up your gains” - work them hard every time and you’ll probably actually see gains.

You could always just read an article on here and try one of those programs for 8-12 weeks, too…

thanks for the help :slight_smile:

yeah dude just pick a split you like that makes sense. I like BP splits like:


And then i get the appropriate arm lift in on each chest or back day. I also pop deadlifts and low back dependent lifts in on back day and save quad/ham dominant lifts for legs.

Just see what you like. I find upper lower 4-ways are the easiest to work with over the course of a week.


[quote]Gsus89 wrote:
hey guys

Bench Press
Wide Grip Bench Press


^^^^^What the hell is that mate? That’s a whole world of pain personally. I would incorporate some decline bench work of some sort.

thanks alot chris, i shall definatly try the 4 way routine

Yo that. If you go the upper lower way it really gives you opportunity during the last two workouts to fix any mistakes you made in the first two. that way you come out of the week knowing that you smashed all the muscle that you wanted to.

For example if you have a shitty front squat, hack squat, RDL workout on monday, because all kinda broads were rubbing themselves on you and trying to undermine your virtue, you can change up your next lower day so that you leave the week knowing that your legs got the work they need.

Whereas i find with only one leg day if you fuck it up you’re fucked unless you alter a bunch or the other days.

Good for carb cycling too because you get two legs days which are great opportunities for your CArb-days if you roll like that.

Let us know how you roll with this.


will do buddy (:

Do you plan on using all of those exercises in a given week, or are those just all the ones you have to choose from? Because you have far too many exercises for each body part.

What are your strength/weaknesses? More specifically, how much can you bench, squat, deadlift, pullup, etc.

If you aren’t fairly strong, then go with a 4 day upper/lower, and focus on increasing your main lifts. Then at the end of each workout you can throw in some extra stuff for different body parts, ex:

Lower Pull day:

A) Deadlift 5x5
B1) Lunge Left 3x10
B2) Lunge Right 3x10
C) Calves 4x15

D-Z) Then throw in as many “assistance” exercises as you want to hit the muscles that you think you need work on. So you can add in some leg extensions, leg curls, pull throughs, RDL’s, whatever. But your focus should be on the lifts that are going to give you the most of your results.

have you seen his avatar? the dude doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses. His pecs glow for god sake.


[quote]Avocado wrote:
have you seen his avatar? the dude doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses. His pecs glow for god sake.


His head is a little underdeveloped

the glowing pecs and lack of skin are really my downfall lol