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Reggie Bush's Performance


Has anybody checked out Reggie Bush's workout in Mens' fitness with this new training method Fre Flo Do?

I suspect if he has anymore games like the one against Indy he might have to find a new method.

Anyway check out the backflips on the treadmill


Interesting stuff...........


Okie dokie. I give the guy points for creativity but I don't think there is anything revolutionary about this. He took a treadmill, took the handles and the display off and has people jumping around on it. if it produces results, cool. But it's no different from every other fitness gimmick from tae-bo to stripper aerobics to crossfit (I kid, I kid!).

I guess whatever grabs people's attention long enough to keep them coming back to the gym is ok., I'm sure the same thing can be accomplished by running up a hill or something.


My whole issue with it is that Reggie Bush claimed to have done this 3 times a week for his off season workout, and increased it to 4 times. Now he looked out of breath in his workout, but can this really replace the squats that got him to the league in the first place, or is he just trying to make some money advertising.


I cannot beleive that Bush would be doing only these workouts and nothing more, as a supplementary workout it looks like it may have some merit, I would like to hear what the Saints' strength coach's thoughts are? But personally I doubt he gave up lifting.


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According to Reggie Bush this is all he did in the offseason. His coaches at first weren't happy but then after he went to them he said they were fine with it. His quotes are from the link below.


In the magazine there's a picture of him doing weighted dips, so there's some proof that he kept up with some form of regular lifting...it just might not have been what the Saints' strength coach recommended.

I thought it was a good article, though. The workout definitely looks like it has some sport-specific carryover but like anything else, it's not the end-all, be-all of exercise.

I could do that workout and it still wouldn't make me the athlete Reggie Bush is. You can't train God-given abilities, but you can make those abilites better through training.

Being different is in these days, especially in the fitness world. You take an existing idea, but your creative spin on it, market it as an orignial idea, get some celebrity and/or athlete to back it and boom, you've got yourself a thriving business.