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Reggie Bush Pro Day Results


Bush ran a 4.33 and 4.38 40-yard dash while weighing 202 pounds at 5'11. His vertical was 40.5 inches and his standing broad jump was 10-8.5. The following page has a link to video of his 40-yard dash:



Didn't he do a bunch of linemen-type reps of 225 on the bench as well?


I think he did in the mid to upper 20's, not bad for a 200 pounder.

However, does anybody know how many colleges allow their 40's to be run on a track in track shoes?

We had to run ours on field turf in regular workout sneakers, what the crap... no wonder PSU 40 times are so slow


Those are some pretty impressive numbers, but his instincts and animal-like agility are what make my jaw drop the most.


We had to run ours in sneakers as well, but on a pro day they didn't care if you wore track spikes.


if you watch that video it says he benched 225lbs for 24 reps


Fucking beast.


That kids an animal. I don't follow football to much anymore, but as a native Houstonian I'm glad he'll be doin his thing at reliant.


He certainly has great numbers to back up his great play over the last 3 years.

Did he run a shuttle and cone drill. That's where I'd assume that he's best at. His start stop start is incredible and so is his agility. I'll go out on a limp and guess that his shuttle is like 3.70 and cone drill 6.60 seconds.


Pretty impressive stuff, though what stood out for me at the USC pro day was Winston Justice getting a 39" vertical @ 320lbs.


Not often you get to see a clear shot of a combine vertical jump,

he supposedly jumped 40.5 inches at this Pro Day, but at combines they measure reach with 2 hands and jump with one, so it's only about 36-37 inches at a guess :slight_smile:

Bottom of his feet reaches his crotch area and he's 6 feet tall (in shoes), so that looks about right. If his feet hit his waist area then that's a 40 inch VJ...

according to this article

Reggie Bush had the highest vertical on his team

Quote:? 40.5 ? Bush's vertical leap in inches, the highest mark on his team.
? 10 feet, 8.5 inches ? The longest broad jump of the day, also recorded by Bush.

So the fact he actually only jumped 36-37 inches means that there ain't to many folks at the 40 inch mark :wink:


the video in question showing his VJ clearly


Instincts...you mean like trying to pitch the ball and fumbling on the 10 yard line instead?


reggie bush benching on pro day

reggie's 40


no, like making a cut on a dime and being able to reverse field and instinctually know he had blockers coming from behind him to help out

you must be a cal fan


bush in high school


Wait a minute...what happend to New Orleans? That video said he's going to Houston.


Assuming that wasn't a smart ass remark... Reggie was considered a lock for the #1 pick overall.

How he wasn't still remains a mystery to alot of people, some say it had to do with the housing scandal his parents had to deal with. Why they (the houstons) picked mario williams number 1 will leave experts stumped for a while.


Now that's a crazy run!


you're right.
In college the strength coaches made us run on we turf in sneakers.

I had this theroy that they wanted us to run slow so if their program was ever questioned they could have us test again with spikes to show improvement.