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Reggie Bush 4.33s 40-yard Dash Video

This is what elite, world-class speed looks like (4.33 second 40-yard dash):

Congrats to Reggie and his performance. He looked pretty good, however, and not to take anything away from him but he could have been faster if he would of relaxed a bit more through the last 20. A 4.33 40 is certainly impressive but ‘elite’ world class status i wouldn’t class him into.

The fastest people in the world over that short of a distance will be sprint specialists, bob sledders and olympic lifters with the O-lifters losing ground after about 25-30 meters.

I just saw Bush got picked by the Saints. Hmm, maybe one Bush will do more for that City and rebuilding it than another well known Bush has? Time will tell.

he is of course the man.
however, look how choppy his first 10 meters is. thats where he lost time. i thought he opened up great last half.

i agree short steps at the start.