regarding turning winny tabs to injections

hey guys. coming up in the last 6 weeks of my current cycle i will be taking 50mg winstrol a day. 26 of those 42 dosages will be injectable winny, zambon and another brand. the rest of the dosages i only have winny tabs…the 5mg ones from thai by body research. i would like to turn those tabs into injectable winny if possible, since i know taking winny orally is only 70 to 80 percent succesfully absorbed. can this be done by simply grinding the tabs, just like the process with fina pellets, and then mix the winny in bacteriostatic water, or is the process more complicated, or maybe i cant do this at all for some reason. plz help. thanks.

from my understanding it is very difficult to make a water based winny. I have heard of people making oil based winny with the same process used for fina pellets. However think of it like this, the absorption is 70-80% if taken orally. Dont you think you might lose 20-30% of the stanozolol while converting these pills? So in the end your body would get the same amount of drug. Stick with the pills.

yeah stick with the tabs when the depot is gone. the depot form is micronized and i doubt you would be able to get the tabs ground into a fine enough powder to actually be able to draw up through a reasonable sized pin. even 22g is unlikely from my experience with winny. unless you have a lab with the right equiptment available to you. not too mention there are binders and such which you will need to draw out of the solution. just doent seem plausible although i have never tried this. i am just speculating

alright thanks for the heads up. guess ill do half and half or maybe even drink the injectable winny. not sure yet.

You can drink the injectable winny if you want but it would be less bioavailable. I would inject it then when you run out use the tabs at 25% more mg per day, until your term is over.