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Regarding the Power Look Workout

I have a question for Christian Thibaudeau or anyone else who is willing to help. In the Power Look Workout, is it possible to substitute Hise Shrugs for the Overhead Shrugs, and Regular Deadlifts for the Snatch Grip Deadlifts? Or can they be in corporated in some other way around the routine since the Power Look Workout is only once a week? Thanks in advance.


I don’t see a problem substituting in regular DLs and Hise shrugs. As for whether you would want to do another DL workout during the week, just play it by ear and see how well you recover. If I were to do the Power Look workout, the first week I would just do the Power Look and no other pulling exercises for the rest of the week to adjust to the volume. Then, I would gradually add other pulling exercises/DLs based on my recovery. But I wouldn’t keep doing Power Look along with a second pull-based workout for more than 4-6 weeks.

Do you think it’s possible to somehow incorporate the Power Look Workout with the Super Squats book Breathing Squats Routine?

I tried the power look routine and I was fried. I don’t think another pulling day would have been possible as far as optimal recovery goes. Also IMO, CT added exercises that are rarely used in order to achieve said power look. I would keep the workout as is.