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Regarding Research Studies


Yeah I remember that thread last fall… we had at least two guys during that period whom were all full body and study guys whom lost their shit. One of which was the the little cock sucker whom I pissed off who decided to cross the fucking line and made it personal.


Wow this thread went off the tracks slightly . In retrospect


Thank God… I wrote about the mentality once on here. That whole mind set got started because you have handfuls of Brotards who jump onto gear too soon before they even know how to train and rely too heavily on it and are clueless ( not seeing results…up the dose), but people tend to ask these types for advice ( based solely on their looks) . Which helps create that stereotype mentality. Like I said in my original post regarding that … I know guys on gear whom are some of the most knowledgeable people regarding training and nutrition and guys that are “natty” whom are dumber than a box of rocks.


In the 90’s when bodybuilding wasn’t mainstream, the older guys who were really serious about the sport and had been training for a long time ended up on gear anyway so the chances of meeting someone experienced and still natty was quite low lol.


Yeah…i agree. I have stated this before that the only trend that bugs me is, that it seems you see young guys going on gear as soon as they sign their first gym membership contract.


It’s a different time. More dealers, cheaper roids, easy to buy online with just a credit card.


Yeah true… for better or worse.


Well I must admit from experience that it’s from America’s love of instant gratification. I started lifting in junior high in the summers because that’s what the football program wanted. I took the weightlifting class as soon as I was allowed to do so and enjoyed it. I trained kind of hard when I had the class but that was only every other school day (so three days a week, then two days a week, then back to three). I skipped important lifts like deadlifts and squats but I at least hit the leg press for some quad development. I also liked hang cleans. I gained about 20 lbs in two years. I also grew and was sitting around 6’4" and 200-205 lbs at the end of my junior year. I wanted to be big and muscular.

I started training harder at the end of my junior year. I started taking creatine and added protein shakes (weight gainers). I actually planned to take steroids that summer. My older brother was using and we came up with a plan. I was going to take one drug and I think it had two names. The only one I remember was sutrin (or something similar). I was going to start my six week cycle in July so it’d carry me to the start of my senior year and then stick around for part of football season.

Luckily, I kept training hard and eating everything in sight even though I planned to cheat. July came and I didn’t say anything to my brother about getting my cycle started. He didn’t say anything either so I just kept doing what I was doing. I still hadn’t gained the weight I’d wanted but I was moving in the right direction. My goal was to gain 20 lbs over the summer and I managed to do that with a lot of it coming in late July and early August. I showed up to school at 220 lbs without touching any PED’s.

I’m very thankful I didn’t use. It was cheating and a shortcut. But being in that moment I was convinced it was perfectly okay and I was going to get jacked and it was going to happen fast. I don’t know where the delusions came from, but they were there.

It’s funny you said kids are ready to start their first cycle when they buy their first gym membership because that was the summer that I paid for a three month gym membership to train with my brother :laughing:


Nah, people in other countries are the same or worse when it comes to steroids. Plus, insistence on squatting to parallel and below and doing deadlifts is a more recent thing due to the internet. I honestly never met anyone in the 90’s that did deadlifts starting from the floor nor anyone who did any deadlift variations as the 1st exercise in the workout.