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Regarding Research Studies


I can see your point, but again, unless SPECIFICALLY asked, which he hadn’t been in the occasions where he deliberately mentioned them, why not just stay silent on the topic?


You are a proof of concept that the question WILL get asked. It’s a pre-emptive defense.

In truth, it’s really not worth wasting your time why fitness youtubers do the thing they do. Fitness media in general is trash; it’s just another way people are trying to use the net to make money.


Yeah, maybe. But anyway, I don’t know how the law works in the states, but at least here in Italy anyone is innocent until proven guilty. So still, one doesn’t have to answer that question although I can see why they would.

Totally agree on the fitness social media industry being trash anyway, like I stated I only happen to use it as a means to kill time. I watch a lot of YouTube to kill time tbh. But unlike some channels that are utter trash and I wouldn’t watch even if they were the only ones on the net, some happen to be more pleasing to listen to, even just to relax and watch 10 minutes of something, and athleanx for me is one of them.


Yeah, I know you’re not. I usually add that part in to make sure others who are reading the post get it.

I’ve never heard of him till today so I really have no comment lol. I don’t know if he’s on drugs or not. There’s always a possibility multiple angry noobs were attacking him on social media for using drugs before this and he’s running a business where it’s a sensitive topic. But really, I don’t know his history nor do I care.


I think it’s more about the court of public opinion rather than an actual court. If he doesn’t answer that question, he’s sort of answering that question. Know what I mean?


Sure, I mentioned that because the legal issue with possessing and using such substances were brought up.

That’s what I was referring to when I said that I could see why one would want to make it clear they’re not using nevertheless.


He wouldn’t go to jail for saying he does steroids, no, but he’d be admitting to engaging in felonious activity, which again, tends to be a poor move for a professional. You can still be found guilty in the court of public opinion.


The best studies are experience.

Once I stopped reading online and “studied at the gym” I added 100-200lbs to all my lifts haha.


The guy is well built, lean, and very knowledgeable.

What makes people even think that drugs would be involved?


Right, but I don’t think legality is the issue. I think the issue is that a lot of people won’t listen to his advice (pay him) if they even think he’s on steroids because we have a weird stigma related to steroids here.


Steroids are one thing, but not the only thing. What about other physique aids? In the 90s bodybuilders were super shredded and grainy. Also in the 90s everybody used ephedrine and diuretics.

Could a leaness based physique guy say steriods are bad while using ephedra based asthma drugs, prescription fat loss drugs or diuretics to be super lean?

Either way, I think athleanX is cool. Definetly not someone I would look up for strength related questions. Definetly not someone I would watch for fun. But he’s like a physical therapist or something so he has good info for when stuff hurts.


What steroids do I need to use to get “thin silk skin”?


You have to ask Buffalo Bill about that.


It will put the lotion on …


Dude, I was asked if I was on steroids back when I was barely 160lbs. I wasn’t even asked, I was told I was on steroids. No way this guy doesn’t get asked on an ongoing basis.


But are you really? -lol. I’ve had new clients come to me who were “trained by” some seriously elite level competitors who I guarantee have no clue who they are. At least Meadows, in all his fame admits he has a team working for him.



And in the basket


Well I talked to him via email, on Instagram (both dms and lives), we have weekly check ins and whenever I hit him up during the week for questions he answers within the day.

I have been featured in his stories and shit. I don’t know man, from what I’ve gathered about his personality and even writing style, to me it is 100% him. If someone else’s acting him, then props to them definitely.

And they are good at make up as well, because I’ve also had chances to talk to him in lives and he was making references to stuff we’d talked about via email. So there’s that.


I prefer the term “SHIT SHOW” .


You ever watched LittleBeastM? He’s Dutch or something. One of the very very few I actually enjoy watching. Doesn’t appear to be the type who’s in it for money. And insane pressing strength on some movements: