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Regarding Research Studies

Im not a huge fan of You Tube Fitness types ! BUT! I finally came across someone whom is keeping it real on something ! @The_Mighty_Stu will love what he has to say in this clip regarding the pubmed types.


He’s obviously on roids. Roids allow you to get yuge in spite of what you do. He could be doing everything wrong and still getting the gainz and thinks it will work for the average drug free lifter. Even if he’s natural, he obviously has genetics only the 1% of the 1% of the 1% have, just like all the lifers in the gym who are bigger than me. I wouldn’t listen to any of them.


LOL I’m going to keep tabs on his video on U tube just to see what entertaining remarks I will see


Hes been training for like 20 years. No one knows. Just because someone is bigger then you or leaner then you that doesn’t mean they are on steroids. Perhaps you have trash genetics and believe that everyone else struggles to build muscle just like you do. Athlean X does have very thin silk skin which most people on gear have. Also he stays at such low body fat all the time while keeping his mass.Unless he admits he uses something we cant be sure.



Lurk more, post less.


Nah, brah, my genes are fine. He’s probably off cycle on a TRT dose with masteron and GH. That’s why he doesn’t look bloofy and his skin is thin! When you’re on mass gaining steroids, you don’t need to train and you gain anyway. There are studies that prove this to be fact! All you do is up the dose! Do you know how many beginners I’ve seen in the gym blow up to natty bodybuilder size on a dbol only cycle? Doesn’t that make you question why you’re putting so much effort into chasing that 1lb of lbm a year? Watch Jason Blaha’s videos if you want to know more! I’m out!

I’m just trollin’…


Ok seriously, I’ve said this a couple of times.

First, I buy and engage people to do market research for clients. In my industry, you really get what you pay for and the results from their application are easily quantified. You want something good, you need to engage at least a phd with a good CV from working in the private sector undertaking the project and be prepared to pay good money for it. You pay peanuts, you get stuff that resembles high school projects. You also lose a lot of money if you rely on them and shit fucks up. The free market has a wonderful way of weeding out the bullshit when lots of money is involved. This is what much of the “research” often thrown around in the fitness industry today looks like to me.

Second, most people are parroting ARTICLES, NOT THE STUDIES. No one reads the fucking studies. Do you know how many times I’ve read an article and found it to be a complete misrepresentation(either deliberately or the author doesn’t understand the studies he is quoting) of the studies linked? Even the supposedly respected authors do this. READ THE STUDIES.


That was great.

I just wanted to co-sign your excellent point about reading the studies, not the articles. And how authors misunderstand or misrepresent the study to make their article cooler.

Specifically in the “frequency debate.” Every full body jerk-off talks about the Dr. Brad Schoenfeld study where 3 times a week was better than once a week. And how full body and frequency are awesome.

But when I listened to some podcasts with Dr. Schoenfeld, he said repeatedly that;

The study was bullshit, the training split was specially designed for the low frequency workout to suck. He also always mentioned First off that 99% (maybe actually 100% ) of body builders used body part splits. And how This was a better “study.”


I got a LOT bigger and stronger when I stopped worrying about science and started listening to bro-science.


I told this guy something similar and so did others then he gradually worked up to an all out hissy fit…

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On a more serious note, since it’s been brought up, do you guys think athleanx is actually, or has ever been on gear?

I enjoy watching his videos, haven’t ever actually done anything he recommends but I really like to have his voice in the background while I’m washing the dishes or doing other stuff.

Who or what is an athleanx?


That’s the guy’s youtube channel (and website and names of his programs?) I think his name is Jeff Cavaliere or something.

Is he that guy that trained Rich Froning?

No clue. Did he? Makes him a little cooler.

I’ve watched some of his videos before. Personally wouldn’t really listen to much to anything he says regarding strength but he’s got a few videos more prehab/rehab related that helped my shoulders. Nothing groundbreaking though.

It’s definitely possible if he has to maintain his physique year round with a busy lifestyle. That doesn’t mean his physique isn’t attainable naturally, nor does it mean he doesn’t know how to train naturals.

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Ah definitely, I’m not one of those idiots saying that anyone who isn’t natural doesn’t know how to train natties. I’m currently being trained by Paul Carter myself, who isn’t natty of course, and my body hasn’t complained yet about the progress I’ve made lol.

I was wondering that because in more than one occasion he openly spoke against steroids, and while I know that anyone can lie, it usually feels weird to me to imagine a person constantly claiming natural when in reality they aren’t. I mean, why can’t you just shut up on the topic if you’re using… Why throw away any sign of integrity and honesty claiming the opposite.

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If he’s based out of the US, steroids are illegal in this country, and on the same level of coke/heroin in terms of possession/distribution. Few professionals will openly admit to being felons, as it’s better to possibly be a liar than to definitely be a criminal.

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