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Regarding Permanent HPTA Shutdown & Long-Term Dependency


I posted a similar thread over in the TRT forum, but it seems to be more of a magnet for lecturing than anything else.

I apologize if this has been covered here before, but I have not been able to find it. Nor have I been able to really nail down answers to my questions via google etc...

I want to get an idea of what permanent HPTA shutdown entails. Aside from impotency, are we talking absence of libido too? Are there other effects?

Also, are there any resources or studies indicating the level of HPTA shutdown risk associated with different lengths of AAS use?

The scenario that prompts this question for me is that I am considering transitioning into a blast and cruise strategy. Probably not right now, but perhaps with the start of my next cycle. I worry about the possibility of getting into a situation where my HPTA permanently shuts down, and I am forever dependent on TRT for normality.



Unfortunately, the risk is hard to quantify since everyone is individual. Some people have tough HTPA's and have no problems, others have a hard time regardless of cycle length. Personally though I think the risk is overstated based on what I've read in studies on male contraception.

In such cases groups of men have been on 600mg a week of testosterone enanthate for 8 months at a time, and all of them recovered their normal test levels afterwards, although there was some variation in the time taken to return to baseline, and in some it took months. This is also with no use of HCG to maintain the testes whilst suppressed, and no PCT.


I have read similar studies, one indicating that, after varying and unspecified periods of AAS use, all males tested had regained full HPTA (or HPGA, as it was called in the study) function after a year off of AAS.

However, like MG said, people's HPTA's vary so much, it is very difficult to predict the effects of any such substance.

Some men reportedly (though i have never read a study indicating such) have become hypogonadal after a single cycle, while others seem to recover almost no matter what.

If you DO become hypogonadal and are put on TRT, many of the adverse effects (such as increased risk of heart disease, stroke, lipid issue, depression, libido issues, etc.) will be offset.

In terms of infertility, this is a possibility, but is not definite. TRT (properly administered) should not cause infertility, and can even recover fertility lost in connection to hypogonadism. It depends on what type of hypogonadism you are suffering from (which part of the HPTA is damaged or severely shut down), but working with a skilled endo, you have several routes to possible recovery.

Nonetheless, blasting and cruising has such risks, along with others tied to long term AAS use.

There are also a lot of helpful members on here who have more experience with both blasting and cruising (I have none), and TRT (again, I have none).


Thanks for the feedback...

Infertility is not a concern for me. I've already had two sons, and I think that's enough persistence of my genome.

I'm more worried about the possibility of ending up dependent on TRT for things like emotional stability and libido... I suspect I will really want to go in that direction in my 40's, but I still have some time to hedge against.