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Regarding MAX OT

I finally decided to drop my sloppy ass work out routine and change it to Max OT 3 x 6 Program. Today was my legs day. The question is I lifted really heavy that I could do 4 but no more than 6, but my legs ain’t feeling that burnt. Before I couldn’t walk after legs work out but today I could walk easily.

Now Am I doing something wrong? I always keep right form and I followed MAX OT’s Program exactly he told me to do. Also about weight. I don’t really understand the part “Easily 4 but no more than 6” Does that mean failure to 6th rep? How can you fail on 6th rep when you can do 4th rep EASILY?

Nah dude, you didn’t do it right.

pick a weight where you will fail on the 6-7th rep.

You’ll get your four but by the time the 3rd or 4th set rolls around it’ll kick your ass.

Keep your rest at no more than 2 minutes.

Max OT works - but it’s brutal on the joints after awhile. I like to rotate it myself with other routines.