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Regarding Akuma's Form


I have read the thread in T-cell alpha regarding Akuma's video's about the bench press. I cannot post in t-cell alpha so i figured i would start a topic in here for discussion.

Here are my thoughts, I dont know the whole story but this is what i gathered. Akuma claimed a 600 lb smith machine bench press, then claimed he could do 405 or so free weight. He then provided video evidence of him doing free weights.

So let me first start off by saying i agree with Akuma's posts. His form was fine. All of you in the t-cell alpha thread complaining about exaggeration and all this is really immature. THink about it for a second, if he exagerated on purpose why would he post videos of himself doing it improperly then? what would that prove?

in his mind and others the form was fine, which is why he posted the video in the first place. He then has people calling him a liar basically so obviously he would get upset.

Lets discuss form now. What is wrong with his form? its fine, sure he didnt go down to his chest, so what? Why is it that always the guys who preach perfect form are always the weakest? Look at some NFL combine bench presses or bench contest videos, some dont lock out or some dont even go all the way down to their chest. He isnt doing a powerlifting competition where he has to pause at the bottom or anything.

You guys are also acting as if going half way somehow increases your max by sooo much. To be honest it would be harder for me to stop half way and go back up then to go to my chest and use the momentum to push back up. If he has the strength to do 405x6 reps like that halfway im real sure he could do 405 for that many reps clean touching his chest.


There is a reason you're not in the t-cell and aren't expected to contribute to t-cell discussions.


I appreciate the support man, but please dont revive this again. It's just gonna start more shit for me.


where is this video? I'd like to see... can i haz video link pleezzee?



Maybe it has to do with the fact that i only have 5 posts. If you actually think you are in the t-cell versus me because of your "knowledge" in the iron game, you are mistaken. I know more about training then you could imagine. you lanky mofo.


It's LankEy.

Geez, some people.


Dude, Who the hell are you? You have like 3 posts on this forumn and calling people out. Wow!!


Oh yeah? Well that may be so but...

...try explaining this without sounding like an idiot. Everyone knows the bottom portion of the BP is the most difficult and where most trainees will have sticking points. You joe lakko.


Dammit Lankster, I'm trying to hijack this thread to distract everyone from OP's stupidity. It might be easier to full rep a bench if you're bouncing it off your chest, but the ribs have to give some time. Dude obviously doesn't do the PL type paused lift.



Whats your form like with 405? Why not make a vid then you can compare / contrast.



OP - PMPM is right, the correct spelling of my name is lankEy. And don't forget to capitalize the "E", that's the part that annoys me most.


What's the story behind that?


Actually, when you add in all the other user name under which he's posted, he has quite a few more posts.

OP, please PM me the user name you want to use. All the others will be deactivated. If I don't hear from you, we'll deactivate all of your user names.


Hahaha, sweet justice. Some coward can't even post under his usual name OVER THE INTERNET! Wow, it's as if he couldn't be any more anonymous!


Whatever happened to that Stringer guy? He did the same thing but I kind of liked him. He was somewhat knowledgeable and I usually got some info from his threads


Mods to the rescue... OP is an idiot.

anyway, is there a link to that vid floating around somewhere?



Akuma's profile. He's a strong dude, no doubt.


Methinks you got burned sir. Turn in your gun and you T-Nation badge and get the hell outta my office!


When he first started posting and everyone was positive he had other accounts I asked one of the mods if he had multiple accounts and the mods told me it didn't appear that he did.


Mod Brian with the pwnage.