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Regaining Strength

I’ve heard that regaining strength you’ve already had is easier than getting to all new heights, but how easy is it? I want to take 8 months off and go to Thailand to seriously train Muay Thai, and given that I’ll be doing this up to six hours a day I don’t think lifting will be possible. I estimate by the time I leave I will be benching 315, deadlifting 500, and squatting 450. Has anyone done this and how hard was it to regain your strength?

I had knee surgery in July. Just before that I had benched 345, squatted 445 and deadlifted 435 (All Prs). I didn’t do any “heavy compound” lifts for 4 months, benched in month 5 and started squatting late in month 5. 7 months post I benched 360, squatted 465 and deadlifted 445.
I have been benching heavy for 12 weeks and squatting for 7. I think in many ways I came back stronger.

What I did in the off time could easily be approximated by doing 1-leg (leg up) squats or bodyweight lunges and pushups. You can also do plyometric jumps and plyometric pushups. I would say that within 2 6 week training cycles, you should at least be at 95% of your previous best, and if you work on conditioning and flexibiliy in the meantime, you may end up better.

If i were you in these 8 months away from your gym, I would do lots of pull-ups, hand stand push ups and one leg squats. These exercises might be your best bet.
Good luck

6 Hours sounds a bit too long. The camp I trained on, Sidtyodthong, outside Pattaya did two workouts a day. Morning running and streching for about 1 hour and afternoon sparring and bagwork for about 2 hours.

Where are you going to train? There are lots of good gyms all around Thailand.

Good luck.

Ps. If you’re going to Pattaya, PM me.