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Regaining strength

Ok guys this is a little different than alot of the questions I’ve seen lately…I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with gaining back good amounts of strength from previously higher levels. I am 19 back in high school around age 17 I had a 475-500lb parallel squat. I had also half squatted 700lbs. Then my gains started to slow down greatly…especially in the upper body… so i switched to (got brainwashed)HIT for about 8 months. I did 20 rep squats and worked up to 375 to parallel. I had also done about 405 for 11. I had to start lifting at home because of school. I don’t have great facilities for squatting and was doing 20 rep breathing squats(even lighter weight). after those didn’t seem safe I did Convergent phase training…and specialized in the deadlift for three months. Now i’m back to trying to squat again and my numbers are puny(for me) 305 for 6. My leg are smaller than they used to be but i’m wondering if it might be more of my back not being used to the heavy stress. I never gave up leg training during this time( one lg squats, lunges,good mornings,sdls,deads etc) Is there a good chance that I can get my strength back again within a few months or do you think its start from ground zero all over. Thanks Mike

No Mike I don’t think you should go back to ground zero. I’ve found in my strength training that even if I lose some strength due to other programs,I.E. from powerlifting to more sport specific or “cutting phases” is that the strength does come back. It sucks!! to lose your strength but it can come back if that is what you train for. Have you tried Westside’s stuff. I’m not kidding here when I say my squat went up 50lbs in my first eight weeks of using their system. I’m now hooked on their methods and will always incorporate them in my workouts somehow.

Mike that sounds like a lot of strength for you to lose especially if you’ve been training consistently during that time. Your recent weight loss probably has a lot to do with it (if this is the same Mike M. I think it is). As well the type of training you’ve done recently could influence it as well…doing cardio or lots of bodybuilding volume type work. Once you get back to training and eating the way you were when you were at your strongest your strength should come back and even surpass your previous strength levels.

Sisco I’ve been interested in the Westside protocol. i’ve been wondering if there is any way I could apply it to my goals, which are more bodybuilding oriented. I would like to priodize it in and out. I am mostly concerned with adding a good amount of muscular bodyweight and keeping a good body comp. Hey Kelley! Whats up Bud …you got the right Mike M. That was a lot of strength to lose . I compete in a powerlifting comp in march of 2000 and then switched it up to mostly higher reps since then sans a month or two.plus those high reps squats amy be good for a few weeks…but i think my back lost the ability to stabilize very heavy loads…Hopefully things will get back to good…Mike

Hey Mike, the great thing about the Westside program is that it can be taylored to fit anybodys needs. Whether you are a powerlifter, bodybuilder, football player,etc, you can make it work. First off, the only rules they say you should follow is the max effort and dynamic exercises. What I mean here is for an example on Max Squat day. Lets say you do your heavy Good mornings first, then after that you do what ever exercises you want. For the dynamic day you do your dynamic box squats and then fill in the rest. Actually you would be suprised to look at their training programs. After the max and dynamic exercises, there is a lot of “bodybuilding” work done after that. I would definetly recommend you get the Westside seminar video. You can get at Tate’s elite website. This video shows a full day of the seminar and goes over most of the westside philosophies. If you need anymore help with it let me know. Also check out the beginner workout at Tate’s website. I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the results you get. Just do this workout for eight weeks and eat like a freakin madman!