Regaining Lost Muscle on TRT?

Hey guys. I had a TRT crash about 2 months ago and even decided to quit TRT cold turkey since my TT was so low…the most MISERABLE 2 months of my life!!! I’ve been back on TRT for two weeks now and I’m feeling good again! Confidence, sense of well being, motivation in the gym are all back! But when I went through that crash, I lost about 12 pounds and my muscles are FLAT. :-1:

Its been 2 weeks, how long until I regain that lost muscle mass and fullness?

If you are training properly and eating well, probably one to two months.

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Really?! I kinda figured as much but was hoping since I already held that mass it would be quicker to put back on.

Funny thing is, I lost that mass in a little under 2 weeks! :frowning: Guess it comes off fast than goes on

It will take 2 months to regain muscle because that’s how long you have been off TRT, maybe even less.

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Yeah what’s even funnier is that, the older you get…the faster you lose muscle and gain fat, and the longer it takes to reverse that process!!! What used to take me months to gain in muscle now takes me considerably longer. Also, the effects of “cheat days” use to be me not going insane. Now they are a complete undoing of my whole good week just about! Lol

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Thanks @systemlord. My crash was 2 months but I was only off TRT for a month. Lost muscke mass 2 weeks into the crash. Now that I’m back on I’m hoping to gain my mass back. Working out hard and eating everything in sight!

Lol our bodies are weird! It takes months sometimes YEARS to build muscle mass and it can be lost in a matter of WEEKS smh. I want to stay 27 forever lol

Lol. Hell, as long as we’re wishing, let’s go for 21!! Old enough to do whatever you wanna do and young enough for it not to matter!!