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Regaining Lost Mass



I havent posted for a while, just because I figured out my training plans and it was all going smoothly.

However, since the start of summer 2011, I have gone from 85 kg to around 73-5 kg. This was due to going abroad and not training or eating properly. There was really nothing I could have done.

Now, my lifts are in the shitter (squats are down from 140 to 80) and all my clothes are loose. I have heard that muscle memory does exist, but I really dont know where the first step should start.

Also I find myself losing motivation to train simply because I know I'll be lifting shitty weights in the gym, without the confidence I used to have.


you must start somewhere to go somewhere

and regaining lost mass? HIT THE FUCKING GYM, its muscle memory but you still have to fucking workout for it.....


I realise this, but the fact is, this happens almost every summer or winter holiday. I lose mass so quickly due to my skinny nature. It feels like I'm never really progressing further, only regaining lost muscle.


fairly easy solution, don't stop working out. This isn't a sport you can do sporadically and expect to see any results. It must be consistent and challenging combined with a solid nutritional meal plan. simple as that.


Where is "abroad"

Ok you may loose some strength/size with only access to a shitty gym but go to a shitty gym.
Buy some bands, blast straps, do sprints, chin-ups/leg raises on a park kids climbing frame
Do bodyweight work

If you want to succeed you will find a way, if you don't you'll find excuses.


YOU LOSE MASS DUE TO BEING AN INCONSISTANT BITCH furthermore you expect to not lose size taking long breaks almost EVERY summer AND winter. So yeah maybe if you tried working out for longer than a stretch of 3months? you might not lose size.
look in the mirror and ask yourself what you actually want to accomplish, then fucking do it. dont ask stupid questions you know the answer to


muscle memory exists


That makes sense.


Grab a copy of a proven strength program (Or ANY program that you'll be consistent at) like any beginner should. Work from the bottom and scratch your way to your strength levels again.

However, if you're not gonna be consistent about it, save yourself the money and the frustration of going to the gym in order to dropout in a couple of months.

Leave your fucking EGO at home, suck it up, load the bar with those measly 80 pounds and start squatting... And don't quit this time. Give life the finger and keep on lifting.


OP, you should ignore a lot of the negativity in this thread, especially those age 20 or younger. Ultimately, you should be training for yourself, not for others. It's disappointing when one has to (or inadvisedly chooses to) take a layoff, but hey man life happens. As with anything else that one wants to be better at, just strive to be better today than you were yesterday. The numbers you're lifting are just numbers--focus on the progress and the journey. Get on a routine that you like/respond to, and just have fun with it man.


train heavy and hit the buffet and the weight will come back in no time