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Regaining Fertility while Staying on Cycle

Hi all,

I am current mid cycle, approx 5 weeks in to a 14 week cycle.

  • 250mg Test E e4d
  • 200mg Tren E e4d
  • 300mg EQ e4d
  • prior prop kickstart 100mg e2d day 1 - 20 until vial was complete.

Mid cycle my partner brought her plans for a baby forward and says wants asap. I understand there is a good chance will have to wait until complete and then up to several months, but thought I would try and kickstart the boys mid cycle and give it the best chance possible.

I have a microscope and having a quick glance it appears I am totally shut down sperm count of 0.

This week I have begun HCG 500iu every two days (Tue and Thur so far). Will this be enough? If so, what time period before can see evidence that sperm production had begun (matter of days/weeks/months?).

I have also added 20mg tamox every day. Adex 1mg e3d since start of cycle also in the mix.

I am considering getting some gonadorelin acetate, 10mg vial. I have no idea on dosage.

Any other thoughts/comments/assistance? Cheers

Did you really look at your jizz under a microscope? Don’t you need a really powerful microscope to see sperm? I’m not doubting you one bit just genuinely curious.

Anyways I’m interested to see if you start producing swimmers again mid cycle especially with this cycle

Yes, and I was very surprised to totally blank at only 5 weeks.

Less powerful microscope needed than you might expect, should be visible at 400x which most toys can achieve. Mine is much more powerful than that.

If they start to return will update.

Care to offer an update here?


Yes, there is a 16w year old crying because he is being made to do tummy time in the other room.

HMG is your friend.


@styx123 How did you go about getting HMG? Did you all a doc or a fertility specialist? Just generally curious how you went about it.

Hey Dex, I called up a remote doctor who did a skype session. I was honest with him and told him I was in the middle of a heavy cycle and had access to LH through hcg but not FSH and that it would be greatly beneficial in maintaining reproductive health if he could prescribe me some.

It was not covered by insurance obviously and it set me back about $600-700 aussie. I rationed it out over 4 weeks and supplemented a little extra hcg.

I also picked up a vial from online cant recall where, it was similarly expensive, might have been pharma I cant recall and I did not want to risk it getting stopped for the cost.

I should also add that I was using the microscope wrong at first. The contrast needed to be adjusted significantly to be able to see swimmers.

I had been using HCG from the beginning and didnt get the HMG until around July. Footage through the microscope shows plenty of activity the day I began so it is entirely possible that the HCG alone was sufficient.

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Congratulations! Recently put on Gonadorelin and also trying to get pregnant. My wife is 3ish days from ovulation. .5ml of 0.2mg every 3 days. Had been off Test Cyp for about 3 weeks and my LH/FSH were fine so fingers crossed everything works out. If we don’t get traction this time around I’m having more blood work anyways. Finger crossed :crossed_fingers:

Good luck!


And you had a boy, interesting.