Regain Muscle/Muscle Memory, 40lbs Lost

After some time off lifting due to reasons Id rather keep private, Ive lost 40lbs of muscle.
I was 190lbs with 9 percent bodyfat and am now 150lbs.
How fast can you expect to regain muscle with muscle memory?

Iseem to be able to gain quite quick when my diet and training are in order.

The age old saying is you can max put on 1 pound of lean muscle per week max.
Now if I am retreading old ground and regaining with muscle memory Im hoping it should be easier this time around.

At least 5lbs per week if you’re a natural Kevin levrone lol. For 8 weeks in a row

it will be easier? and since when is that an age old saying? like you said, as long as things are in order you’ll be fine, now get to it. Nothing will happen on the internet

That is why you don’t listen to those “age old sayings”. They usually come from “age old weak people”.

LOL nice replies, i love it.
Yep am going to smash it hard now and get to it. Like I said I used to be 190lbs, aiming for 200lbs before end of 2011.
Lets fucking rock this shit.

mmm smash it hard, maybe you should treat it like its somethin you havent done in a while and allow your body to adjust to the new stimuli. cause chances are you’ll burn out in 3 weeks otherwise, setting PRs every durn day and all