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Regain Lost Strength and Muscles?


I perform a program of 6 weeks of Dan John, and then I perform the program "Built for Bad: Strength Circuits" of your authoring for only 4 weeks, not because not perceived gain muscle and strength, if because am a loafer. Thanks to this I got relevant strength gains. At that moment my bench press was 90 kg, my squat 100 kg, my deadlift 130 kg. After that, I was 6 months sleeping only 4 hours, eating only twice a day, and without train.

For that eventually lost strength; my current bench press did not even reach the 70 kg. So my question is.To retrieve the physical I got to perform two programs that I mentioned at the start, is absolutely vital to to make those two programs or a program with a split like that you mention in your article "6 Ways to Reach Your Genetic Potential" I regain strength and muscles that lost in 6 months?.