Reg or stiff-legged deadlift?

I wondered wich of those is the safest to perform. Since I can’t even touch my toes while standing up, knees locked (in fact I’m 6-7 inches away from them) I’m afraid of tearing it to pieces.

ps:think your gym sucks? Well the instructors at my gym dont even know what a stiff-legged deadlift is, nor a farmers walk. I’ll again be taken for a fool haha.

Remember, it’s a STIFF-legged deadlift, not a straight-legged deadlift. The legs should have a slight bend to them and locked in place, not with the knees locked back. Only go down as far as flexibility will allow, while keeping a slight arch in the back. Bend at the hips, not at the waist. Both regular deads and SL deads work well. Either one can be devastating on the back with improper form. You may need to elevate the bar a little on regular deads, and work on the flexibility until you can do them from the floor. I’d say do both – SLDL on squat day, and regular deads on another day.