refurb laptops

I’m in the market for a refurbished laptop. If anyone know of good online sources (Canadian a bonus) please advise.

DUDE DONT DO IT. I work ina store that sells laptops ( no i will not mention any names) and when we send a laptop back to the co. because our store doesnt want it anymore, we abuse it. Drop, smash, you name it it’s all been done. and they fix whatever wrong and sell it to your poor ass.

Here’s what my family did, and it’s worked out great: get a refurbished IBM. Ask about getting an extended warranty, for a “company laptop.” They’ll give you the number to get what they call ‘service packs’ or somesuch nonsense. You pay a couple hundred for another two years or so of warranty, but the service is great. They pay shipping both ways, and will fix anything physically wrong with the laptop (excepting, of course, if you drop it). All you need to do is claim that you’re an employee of a company.

I’ve seen some on, however I’ve never purchased from them. They have 90 day warranties on the hardware.

Depending on your price range, you might actually take a look at Dell’s refurb stock. has a refurbished model link where they have an up to the minute inventory of all models. You can search based on your specs. I got a $2800 laptop for $1750 and I’ve had absolutely no problems other than viruses. If I could do it again I still wouldn’t buy new because you get the same warranty with refurb.

Or anothing you can do is go to get a price refurbished laptop online, and then go to a staples and show the sales rep a print out and get a new one for the refurbished price. Hopefully the sales person would notice its a refurb.

My younger brother did this w/ the new Sony CLIE cost about $800 in stores got it for $500.

I second Nephorm. I had good luck buying a refurbished IBM direct from IBM.

i bought a toshiba from this place. it worked when it i got it and the battery wouldn’t hold a charge, so i tested it and it’s dead. i also checked the charging circuit and it doesn’t charge. i bitched them out over the phone for about a half hour and they said it worked when it left. it some how mysteriously broke during transit.even had the sticker on it saying it was tested. be cafeull. other than that it works great i just have to plug it in the wall or dockings station.

MDOG: Ever since I saw Ace Ventura (1), I kind of don’t wonder why things ‘mysteriously’ get bugs/problems just because of shipping anymore.

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