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Refrigerator Blindness Support Group

Hello my beloved T-family. I would like to talk to you about a serious illness that effects many young to middle adged men around the world. This illness has no vaccine, no pill, probably no hope of a cure, but still, it deserves our semi-conscious attention. This letter is from Joey, a seventeen year old who has just discovered bodybuilding as a form of building his esteem: “Dear Eric, I can’t find my fucking cashew butter or the turkey half the time. I’m constantly told to look behind the eggs. They’re not behind the friggin’ eggs damnit! I swear it’s the kitchen Elves. I bet those little mother fuckers are high in protein too, and when I catch one…” - Joey from De Moines.

I myself aquired this debilitating situation, and I’m sure I’m not the only T-tard who suffers from this commonly rare syndrome. It is nothing to be ashamed of, the danger lies in silence. I implore all of you RBS+ individuals to unite against this crippling illness. We once were blind, but soon, with help, we may see. Thank you.

Checks may be made payable to RBS-Pos America.

"MB Eric: deadlifting to feel alive since 0017 B.C."


I, myself, suffered from the same affliction but on an obscure
website found a remedy which seems to be working…here it is:
ÿ ´Î°”?°ÈíflÊ±Ò ªÖØ‹ÂÆô¶¯ºÃÓ‹Ô–´úÂë¡£¶àÏß“Ì? Ë–ÔÚVB6ÀïÓà “£¬È´ÕÒ”»µ?’âLJ£¬± Ó‹Ô–´ ƵÃÎÒ·ÇÒªÀäÆô¶¯ £ Ë–ÔϵÍ
¬ ’‡ àîº »¿É£¡ÕâÑ ”ùµÄÇé¿ö Ïß“Ì?? »µ?’âÇ ‡¡£’Ø»úºó£
ÒѺÃÒ» ¶ ÎÈÕ?ÓÁË¡£Çó?Ì´óÏÀ£¬Ó‹Ê”ô°ì·¨?â <=ö£¿¸‹?”»<=¡¡£
Ë–ÔÚVB6ÀïÓÃ’ ‡ úÂë¡£ ¶àÏß“Ì??îÚVB6ÀïÓà ¶ ?îºÃ ÃÓ‹Ô–´úÂë¡
(Yeah, you probably already knew this, but you might disagree
with the second to last precept!)- (Joey Z.)

Monkeyboy, you are without a doubt the most prolific, versatile and original writer this board has. TC should give you a job, dude. Funny!

Monkeyboy, it is OK my friend…the first step is admitting that there is a problem. Now as far as the elves…yes, they are VERY high in protein, and have pure Winstrol V running thru their veins. Their livers are completely composed of clomid, so there is no risk of gyno or anything else…they are the PERFECT T-food. If you can catch them, and consume them…you will put on 10 to 25 pounds of LEAN mass in 6 weeks. They also have an unknown component in them that burns your bodyfat down to single digit numbers…without dieting. The trick is catching them…I know how to…but I will not give it away…you must discover that on your own Monkeyboy…seek the solution…it is within your grasp…meditate upon it…

can someone please desrcibe what this Winstrol fulled elves look like? the problem is i also have a small family of gnomes living in my Refrigerator, but those crazy fuckas are high in carbs and fat and would ruin my massive eating plan and that would be a terrible mistake.

I lost my deltards the other day.