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Refrigerating Scrambled Eggs?


Hey guys,
Would it be okay to make scrambled eggs and refrigerate them for a couple days?

I live in New Jersey, so to avoid some traffic I leave for work at 6 AM. If I could replace the normal bowl of cold cereal with warm eggs it would be great, but I'd rather not miss out on ten minutes of sleep to do so.




Won't kill you, but might taste like an old pencil eraser!


I don't know if you can or not, but that sounds like the nastiest thing you could ever refrigerate.

Why don't you just do a shitload of boiled eggs, bit of mayo or ranch dressing, some onion, ham and curry powder all mixed up in a bowl? A heap nicer!!!


I scramble my eggs every night so they are ready without hassle in the morning. There is nothing wrong with it. That is what plastic containers are for.


So it's not the dumbest idea ever and it won't kill me. Sounds like an experiment is in order!

Thanks for the input everyone :slightly_smiling:


I do it every night. Scramble 3 eggs, put it in a plastic container, wait for it to cool and place it in the fridge before bed. In the morning, nuke 'em for 30 or 40 seconds while I put my lunch together and head out the door.


Do you guys who microave them after they're already cooked, find that they taste better this way than just microaving the raw eggs?