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refrigerating mag 10

Since I live in in the central valley in california, does anyone know if it is necessary to refrigerate mag 10 since it states on the bottle to keep out of the heat. It has been reaching well over a hundred where I live.


Well, it isn’t over a 100 degrees in your house, right? So room temp should be fine. I think Bill said you can fridge it for long term storage but it probably isn’t necessary even then.

Not a bad idea for storage, but DO NOT refridgerate while taking the product…you won’t fully absorb the 4-AD. Bill has recommended 24 hours at room temperature before the first dose.

What about refrigerating vitamins, minerals, and herbs?

I really don’t know the answer to that question…I havn’t heard of any problem doing this, but then again, I could just be ignorant here, sorry.