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Refrigerating Flameout?


Does anyone know how imperative it is to refrigerate Flameout?

Basically, I'm an idiot and didn't notice that on the label for 2 weeks. It hasn't been particularly hot where I am, so the bottle has been roughly room temperature. Is it still O.K. to take/will it still be effective?


Go for it.


It should be fine just refrigerate it from here on out. It helps to keep longer when refrigerated, but the fact that you didn't initially doesn't mean it went bad.



Why does it have to be refrigerated?


To reiterate, it extends it's shelf life.



Same reason "they" say to keep mayo and peanut butter in the fridge. :wink:

I keep a few bottles in the fridge at home, but when I had a desk job, I kept a bottle in my desk as well for use during the day. It was room temperature and out of the light, so it was "okay." But ideally, yeah, you want them in the refrigidator. :wink:


Great; thanks a lot for the replies.


PB is fine if left in the cupboard, but mayo? Not arguing, just saying it would be ballsy/really gross to eat warm mayo.


I totally agree with you. Peanut butter spreads way easier when it's room temp (even though nobody else in the house agrees with me.) And mayo stays in the fridge after it's first used.

But I've never seen a supermarket that keeps mayo in the refrigerated section. The new, unopened jars are always just on a shelf in an aisle. That's what I meant.


I pretty much toss everything in the fridge. Including Flameout and peanut butter (you be crazy, Colucci!).


Fridge is good, i put most 'OPENED' things in the fridge. That is, once the seal is broken (mayo etc, exposed to air) I refrigerate. Til then I'm less worried.

Regarding PB though, yeah, it's out of the fridge. Near my computer in fact, when I was ADing i just ate it with a spoon.