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Refrigerating Biotest Supplements?


So I'm in a very hot/humid climate and even inside the out gets kind of damp. It's not really possible to keep the air conditioner on 24/7 and I've just lost a years worth of creatine because of it.

I just got in my latest order of supps (pills). HOT-ROX, Z-12 and Rez-V. Currently, they're in a dark place and kept as cool as possible, but as I said above it's not really something to be relied upon.

Can these be kept in the refrigerator for perhaps up to 3 months (I have a 3 month supply of some of the supps)?

Thanks for any help


Sure, you could, though I don't think anything but Flameout and the creatine you mentioned is really that sensitive. It's sure not going to hurt it to throw it in the fridge.


I refrigerate my Superfood and freeze my fish oil, and i used to refrigerate my Rez-V.