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Refrigerated Bag for Traveling with HCG?

Hi. I know there are plenty of guys using HCG EOD and even daily.
How do you travel with that when it needs to be refrigerated all the time?

I see not alternative but to find appropriate type of electrical refrigerated bag that can keep low enough temperature.

If someone has found something good in ebay or amazon can you please share?

I checked the local electronic stores but I did not find anything that keeps low enough temperature and most of them are really huge in size

hCG may be stored by the patient for no more than 30 days at room temperature, up to 25 degrees C (77 degrees F), but must be used within those 30 days.

As I know it can be used within 30 days only if kept refrigerated all the time

Vonko, hCG is incredibly stable. It can be stored for months at +4°C. E.g. urine samples of pregnant women can be stored for up to 6 months for analysis without any loss of hCG potency.

Stability of reconstituted hCG at 40°C taken from a registration document:

Stop worrying and life your life

Look for an insulin cold case. It has an ice pack included so you do have to have access to a freezer but if you’re traveling and staying in motels, this should work.


Are you sure about that?
I was told even refrigerated after 30 days to throw it away
I could not find any official data regarding HCG and in my country it is sold with a single use water so is intended to be inject at once all the 5000 UI

I concur and have used one. The ice pack should last at least 12 hours and TSA is cool with it. I flew to Hawaii with the insulin cold case (got the info on this forum from guys like studhammer).

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