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Refried Beans: Good for Clean Eating?

As far as eating clean is concerned good or bad?

Bad…unless you want more fat in your diet

Go with black beans (don’t fry anything!)

Actually refried beans don’t have that much fat. I have some in my pantry and they are only 3 grams per cup, while regular pinto beans are 1 gram a cup.

The “refried” is a corruption of the translation from Mexican Spanish where the “re-” prefix means well, not twice like it does in English. So it’s well-fried beans, not twice-fried beans, which is where the assumption of it being a high fat food comes in.

Eat 'em up! They’re tasty and full of goodness.

I ‘fry’ my own and do it in a non-stick pan. I don’t add much fat, just a little spritz of oil. Yes, I use a spray bottle with my oil.

The texture comes out the same and I know I don’t have a lot of fat in the product.

and they do make fat free refried beans. Beans are yummy…

so given the three for them and 1 against I will assume they are good… Ive been loving them with some worstch(somthing sauce dont know how to spell it sry) like a quarter can fills me up it works great before a workout.

Put your black beans in a mixer with some olive oil and herbs and it is goood. Like refried beand with out being fried.

Y’all a bunch of bean eating lazy…OOPS! lol MEYMZ can vouche for me. No really refried, as someone has already mentioned is the translation of “refrito” which is a batch of mashed fried beans being fried again with delicious “lardo” or “manteca”, all names of good old pig lard, to be served again the next day. That specific dish is all bad. The kind of tasty bad. I make my own. I just get myself a can of black beans or Peruans, drain and rinse them cause I don’t know what the hell that funky shit is that they come in, and throw down some normal olive oil on a skillet and BAAIM! within seconds I have something that looks like refried beans.

It all depends on what the food label actually says. Some are probably terrible, but I eat about 2-4 cans of beans weekly. All that is really bad is the sodium I guess, If you call that bad.