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Reforvit-B ???

I just come across some reforvit and would like some personal experience from you guys. I haven’t used it in about 8 years but I think you can take it orally or inject it.

From what I remember it tastes like shit if you take it orally and it burns like crazy if you inject it. Is one way better than the other from your experiences. Thanks…

The stuff that was coming out of Mexico years ago was great,don’t know about the current supply.

Don’t inject it!

1 you can take it and squirt it in your mouth

2 you can inject it…or dilute it and inject
3 my way open up a “oo” capsule put it in there then take a.s.a.p. if it sits in the capsule too long it will eat through the cap but if you take it right away you wont have to taste it…

Thanks for the info guys! I can take the bad taste over the burning sensation of injecting it. Sounds like the results are the same either way.