Reformulated Flameout

Curious what the reason was for the reformulation of Flameout? No more CLA, more DHA and looks like less EPA. Why is this better than the old formula?

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Biotest removed CLA from the new Flameout to make room for more DHA. That, plus the increased DHA concentration, allowed the serving size to be reduced from four to three softgels. Each bottle also now lasts 30 days compared to the 22.5 days of the previous formula.

Additionally, there are still 90 softgels per bottle and you can continue to take four softgels if you’d like. You would receive 2,667mg of DHA and 533mg of EPA, which is 467mg more DHA than the previous version.

Biotest believes three softgels to be sufficient, but you can still use what you feel is best for your body.

The focus is really on offering a DHA-rich product, as it does most of the heavy lifting in terms of health benefits.