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Reflections on the Food Guide Pyramid

The Food Guide Pyramid- perhaps the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the American People! HAHA. But seriously while academia still tells us that low carb diets are dangerous and high protein intakes can be detrimental to your health - millions of overweight people are shoveling down bread, pasta, rices and snacking on low-fat twinkies. After all carbs are at the bottom of the pyramid! This rant started when I was in a pediatrician’s office today (I work in the pharmaceutical industry) and happended to see a huge FGP poster. The bottom of the pyramid portrayed the usual white rice, pasta, etc. as well as what appeared to be WAFFLES and POP TARTS. So all the overweight mothers can look at it and see that its ok and healthy to feed their overweight kids high glycemic sugar crap for breakast lunch and dinner. When are the authorities (FDA, suregon general, etc.) going to step up to the plate & acknowledge that they f’ed up and publish guidelines like TMAGS version of the FGP that was in an artcile several weeks ago.


the food pyramid is a ploy to make more money for the agriculture community.

The sugar industry disagrees with the FDA’s findings that sugar should be less than something like 10% of calories (I think). They argue that sugar can be up to 25% of calories with no harmful effects at all.

Who makes all the money? Who pays for the research to make the food pyramid? Who pays for the education of doctors?

I agree.

The whole time I was going through school and they tried to teach me “Follow the food guide for healthy eating” I just rolled my eyes.

It’s such a scam. And many scientists lately have been trying to change it. For example, they want to put fats closer to the bottom, so that people will emphasize good fats and ditch the fricken crappy carbs.

"Who makes all the money? Who pays for the research to make the food pyramid? Who pays for the education of doctors? "

Hey, if you can tell me where to get this money from the sugar industry to pay for the education of doctors I’d like to know. My daughter will be applying to medical schools later this year and we could use the help. I already taught her about good nutrition so she won’t sell out to big sugar or anything. Thanks.